Letter from the Firework’s Coordinator

Regarding 2019’s Date


March 13, 2019
I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience and confusion.  In preparation for last Monday’s GLA Meeting, I discussed the details of the event with the company hired to produce the firework show earlier that day and received the scheduled date of July 6th.  This date was announced as the official date to the GLA Board and subsequently revised on garnerlake.com.  
While GLA and Garner Lake Fireworks work together to help promote the fireworks tradition, the entities and the responsibilities are separate. The responsibility for the event including the contractual and financial obligations fall under the fireworks coordinator. GLA and its website (garnerlake.com) are not responsible in any way for this confusion. This inconvenience can be chalked off as miscommunication between the two coordinators in transition and the firework’s contractor.
Moving forward, I encourage any individual sharing event information to collaborate directly with the coordinator or refer to www.garnerlakefireworks.com. I will make every effort to mitigate potential confusion by announcing event details on the official fireworks’ website.    Again, I apologize to anyone that may have been inconvenienced and promise this mix up will not happen again on my watch.  Last year was a success and this year is expected to be even better.  We have four months before the event and I continue to appreciate your support. 
Thank you,

Mica Partain,

Fireworks Coordinator